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The Expressionism of Caribbean Artist and Senior Interior Designer Debi Carson

From an abstract painting on a surfboard to the redesign of a room, this Caribbean artist and senior interior designer brings color, whimsy and her own expressionist style to any medium.

The Expressionism of Abstract Art

Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” But for Carson, what’s real is the abstract way she sees her surroundings and conveys it through her art.

“I look at things and immediately see them as abstract,” says the self-taught Caribbean artist and senior interior designer. “I envision a play on color, inverting the color relationships or reinterpreting the forms in an exaggerated or reduced relationship to the other parts. This is my signature.”

Natural Beauty of Caribbean Inspires Art

Carson draws upon her natural inclination to analyze and deconstruct color and texture, finding her creative muse for her art inside of herself, as well as in her backdrop—the Caribbean. “I find my Caribbean environment truly inspirational,” adds the Houston, Texas, native, “particularly since moving to the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands nearly a decade ago.”

Mesmerized by the BVI’s climate, culture, intense colors and natural beauty, Carson finds this part of the Caribbean to be very reflective and “wide awake” for so many months of the year, as opposed to places that “sleep” in the winter. There is an energy and vibrancy in this region of the Caribbean that never fades—it is a constant source of artistic inspiration for Carson.

“Sometimes I’ll look at the Caribbean Sea and be so amazed at the many textures and colors it represents,” elaborates Carson. “It’s constantly changing, as a cloud appears different every time it moves. This vision crashes into me, and the emotions that rise to the surface are evident in my art.” Moments like this stay in Carson’s consciousness, only to one day become an abstract painting.

Art Provokes Thoughtfulness and Cheer

Complex on certain levels, Carson’s abstract art is renowned for provoking feelings of thoughtfulness in a way that is simple, cheerful and energetic. It is this approach and pure connectivity to herself and her tropical surroundings that has garnered this Caribbean artist a loyal following of art admirers and collectors from around the globe.

Abstract Style, Whimsical Mediums and Interior Design Appeal Captures Diverse Art Audience

Working in mediums of acrylic on canvas and acrylic on art board, and purveyor of a fun, specialty line known as “Caribbean Critters,” Carson’s abstract art captivates a diverse audience. From the serious gallery owner to visitors to the Caribbean seeking the authentic, Carson’s abstract art runs the gamut in who takes notice. This, too, includes her interior design clients, such as the Caribbean’s five-star Peter Island Resort (Condé Nast Traveler “Gold List” 2007) and law firm of Conyers, Dill & Pearman, which looks to her for its art needs.

 “I have often been able to create abstract art that suits the overall design of an interior space, and as an interior designer, I am extremely sensitive to the people living in or occupying the space. I want to shape an atmosphere of well-being for them. Art is just another way to bring this element alive,” says Carson.

Speaking of interior design, many art enthusiasts look to Carson for novelty art pieces for their home or office.

 “I have enjoyed working on new mediums presented due to my region, such as the foam and resin” says the artist.

 Art in Summary

At times surreal, often magical and always alive, the abstract art of Caribbean artist Debi Carson never fails to ignite a stir of emotions—from fun and cheerful to calming and reflective—in all who are surrounded by it. Her abstract paintings on canvas and art board can be found in public and private collections throughout the world.

Her art goals for the future—keep creating abstract art pieces and looking forward to the next art project, whatever that art project may be.

“I have goals of developing more art series and targeting specific people with my abstract art, particularly younger generations,” concludes Carson. “I am a whimsy person and relate very well with children and adults alike. My abstract art tends to intrigue and inspire younger generations while touching the youthful side of adults. This makes me very happy. Also, I am excited about more participation in art shows, displaying my art in galleries throughout the Caribbean and the U.S., new product development and the art illustration project I am currently doing. From my fine abstract art to interior design services, things are very exciting!”

About Debi Carson, Caribbean Artist and Senior Interior Designer

Caribbean artist and senior interior designer Debi Carson holds a Bachelor of Science in interior design from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, and is FIDER- and NCIDQ-certified. She has led hospitality, residential, commercial and home merchandising design projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Carson resides in the British Virgin Islands, where she owns and/or operates multiple businesses in the yacht industry, as well as the retail sector.

To learn more about the fine abstract art and interior design services of Debi Carson or to request a portfolio of work, please contact Ms. Carson directly by clicking on 'Contact Debi' in the menu.


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